Natural cosmetic: apple
Looking for useful information in order to maintain healthy and beautiful in a natural way, fruit and vegetable are often good solutions.
Among these stands out apple, which beneficial properties are known at a nutritional level, and that also has many beneficial properties used in cosmetics.
Apple is rich in important active ingredients, including pectine, many vitamins (especially A, B, C, E), the beta-carotene, the niazina, the fluorides, iron, and Malic and citric acids that play an important role in protecting cells.
The juice of one apple passed on skin has firming action; if we also add the juice of a lemon passing the compound on the face once per day, we’ll have a clearing effect.
Apple cut in slices and cooked in half a glass of milk become an excellent anti-wrinkle mask, while the application of sliced raw apple on the face for 45 minutes has a toning effect (remember to  rinse at the end of the application!). Honey and yoghurt with one grated Apple, besides being a delicious and healthy snack, are also an effective mask for dry skins.
Again, the juice of an apple makes beautiful teeth if used as toothpaste.
The distillate of Apple flower petals is instead recommended against red skin: simply rinse face with this product to obtain a rosy and velvety skin.
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