Apples in pregnancy against asthma.
About 2000 pregnant women have been protagonists of an interesting search, made in the University of Aberdeen (United Kingdom), directed to underline the existing connections among what mother s eat in pregnancy and the effects on their child up to the age of  5.  The first phase of this longitudinal study (a study in which groups of people submitted to different "exposures" in  different times are followed for verifying in what measure they reach different results) included the compilation of a food diary  from the future mothers. When their children were 5 years old the same mothers answered to a questionnaire on the alimentary consumptions and on possible respiratory symptoms and allergies of their babies.
 At the end of the follow-up the research highlighted two interesting results:
-         up to the age of  5 what a mother eat during pregnancy can influence the respiratory health of her child more than the diet of the child himself;
-          the risk of developing asthma and allergies within the first 5 years of life is reduced of 40-50% for children born by mothers that consumed at least 4 apples a week during their pregnancy.
The coordinators of this search (G. Devereux, S. M. Willers) explained that this positive effect is given by the presence flavonoidis in the apples, antioxidant substances that improve the pulmonary and respiratory functionalities.
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